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June 22, 10am - 4pm


Welcome to the 2nd Health, Wealth, and Tech Conference – where learning meets action, and dreams meet reality.

The Conference

Jun 22, 2024

10am - 4pm


Long Island Financial Empowerment Center

55 Mansfield Ave

Roosevelt, NY 11575

At our conference, we believe in more than just acquiring knowledge; we're dedicated to empowering you to take tangible steps towards your entrepreneurial and financial goals. Through interactive workshops and information-sharing sessions, you'll not only gain valuable insights but also develop a concrete action plan to propel your ideas and ventures forward.


Our event is designed to bring together individuals, entrepreneurs, and budding business minds from across the local area. It's a platform where your individual aspirations and business endeavors can flourish, where you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your hunger for success.


We understand the challenges you face – whether you're caught in the monotony of traditional employment, struggling to sustain your current business, or striving to turn your vision into a profitable reality. That's why our conference is meticulously tailored to address your unique needs and aspirations.


Through extensive dialogue and research, we've identified a community of individuals who crave more than just the status quo. Together, we'll delve into the intricacies of entrepreneurship, health, sustainable financial growth, embracing technology, and driving positive socioeconomic change in our community.


Join us as we embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and empowerment. Reserve your seat today and seize the opportunity to transform your dreams into tangible achievements. The 2nd Annual Health, Wealth, and Tech Conference awaits – where action begins and success thrives.

Don't miss out on this opportunity and reserve your seat today!

New for 2024…….We will have 15 limited spaces available for kids! They will have activities exclusively designed for them. In addition, they will present their final project to the attendees!


This year we have the joy of partnering with local institutions

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